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A wide range of flooring services

to help you enhance the look of your home

Expert and trustworthy installation service

At Alpha Carpet & Flooring, we take pride in our one-on-one service from start to finish.  We offer expert professional installation and only use trustworthy, qualified, and licensed installers.  Our installers have 20 to 30 years of experience and guarantee their work.  To schedule installation service, please contact us.

Custom Area Rugs

If you want a specifically designed rug of your choice, we're here to help. We make custom area rugs and will be glad to design one to fit your needs.

Binding and Serging:

Do you have a left over piece of carpet? Bring it in or we’ll pick it up to cut and bind it to your specifications.

Carpet re-stretching services

Get rid of the ripples and wrinkles in your carpet by taking advantage of our re-stretching services. Save on costly replacement when a stretch and cleaning may be all you need.

Call us for carpet repairs.


Enjoy the added benefit of our excellent customer service


Carpet repairs

Alpha Carpet & Flooring provides all kinds of carpet repairs. From carpet binding and serging to patching up a carpet using remnants, we can help.

Enjoy the convenience of Shop Home!

Alpha Carpet & Flooring offers a shop at home service where you can match samples to your décor.   Contact us to discuss this.